Pack of 12 Remote or not Remote New Year Candles,Battery Powered Led Tea Lights,Tealights Fake Led Candle Light Easter Candle

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- Battery Type: CR2032, can last more than 60 hours
- Battery include in the candles
- Both yellow light and warm whtie light are flickering.

-Package including 12 pieces decorative candles and one remote control.

-How to use remote: turn on the switch of candles first,and take out white insulator from remote,and 

                                press "on"/"off" to control light.


-Including battery?----Yes



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How to use


First you need to turn the "on" switch of candles ,and then take out insulator from remote control,and

then you can press"on" and "off" to control led light.

Like set a model first,and press"off" button in the remote to turn off all candles,when your lover come here,and press"on" button in

the remote to light up all candles,i think your lover must will get a big suprise.



Picture of candles